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CARTRIDGE: 12/76; 16/70; 20/76; 28/70; .410 / 76
BARREL LENGTH: 660; 710; 725; 750
MASS WITHOUT CARTRIDGES: Not more than 3.65 kg

The most popular classic gun of the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant, which enjoys deserved fame among hunters, professionals and amateurs. For 30 years of mass production, more than 1.5 million guns have been produced, design solutions have been worked out to the highest level of reliability. Possessing an excellent balance, stable combat, simple and reliable design, the MP-27M in its technical features and performance characteristics corresponds to guns of higher price classes.

For the MP-27M characterized by ease of handling and a high degree of security, which are provided:

the manufacture of trunks of high quality steel barrel;
chrome plating channels and chambers, providing increased corrosion resistance;
simple and reliable locking assembly design;
the possibility of unaccented descent of the hammers;
the design of the fuse blocking the sear and having additional interceptors triggers;
a system for checking the strength of barrels and a locking mechanism in accordance with the standards of the Permanent International Commission for Testing Firearms.
Stable accuracy of fire is ensured by the use of constant choke or interchangeable choke nozzles for various purposes. Forend and stock material - high-quality walnut, beech. A wide range of proposed modifications and versions of the gun MP-27M will satisfy the needs of the most demanding consumer, will allow you to choose a gun with different consumer properties for various types of hunting, shooting sports, etc.

The product is the laureate of the competition “100 best goods of Russia” 2003