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STORE CAPACITY: 4, 5 (with a barrel length of 710mm), 6 (with an extension nut)
BARREL LENGTH: 510; 540; 610; 660; 710:

MASS WITHOUT CARTRIDGES: No More: 2.9 kg (with a barrel length of 710 mm)

The smooth-bore multiply-charged rifle MP-135 with a barrel-tube tubular magazine, rechargeable with a back-and-back end. Effective weapon for hunting, law enforcement and self-defense. The model comes in a version with a chamber of 76 mm length and functions reliably with 12/70 and 12/76 cartridges.
Coupling the bolt directly to the barrel ensures the strength of the locking and also the unloading of the receiver at the moment of firing. The receiver is made of aluminum alloy.

Sighting device: arched aiming plate or open rear sight and front sight.

There is a cut-off mechanism. When it is turned on, the supply of cartridges from the grenade shop stops. This makes it easier to change the cartridge in the chamber to the cartridge of other equipment. Or you can shoot with the feed of the cartridge directly to the shooter in the window to eject the spent cartridge case. This is useful if you have cartridges in the store with other than the equipment you need at that moment. Possible production of a gun with a delay shutter in the rearmost position after the exhaustion of ammunition from the store.

Butt pad - shock absorber new design more effectively reduces the impact of recoil on the shooter.

The gun is equipped with a set of interchangeable liners installed between the butt and receiver. By replacing them, you can adjust the vertical and horizontal bends of the butt.

The box has a seat under the bracket on which you can place various sights.

The trigger type trigger mechanism is made of high-strength polyamide as a detachable unit, equipped with a protection system:

from a shot when the trunk is not completely locked;

the blocking excluding an involuntary unlocking of a lock to a shot;

non-automatic fuse blocking the trigger.

Interchangeability of barrels is provided, which allows changing barrels or equipping a rifle with an additional interchangeable barrel without fitting tests in conditions of repair shops.

Butt and forend material - walnut, beech, plastic.